A Fine Flourish Brand: Lean on Me events

We are so excited to share this project. This design has been in the works for quite some time and even before I had a hand in it, Lindsay, owner and Principal planner for Lean on Me Events has been dreaming of a brand revamp for quite some time. I am so proud and honored to have worked on this project with her. Not only is she the sweetest friend ever, she is so talented, and had a vision beyond just her company name-which as a designer, makes her a dream client to work with!! I also have to add that I have been lettering onsight with her on her client's  wedding day and She was the most organized, calm and relaxed planner, which I know for a bride HAS To be worth every penny. With everything that wedding stress can bring, Lindsay can not only handle it all, but with ease and grace and that's what makes her a pro!

I'll let the rest do the talking!

Here is the logo Lindsay started with, while it served her well in the start of her company, it didn't reflect her growing company or their mission statement anymore. She had a new vision, a growing vision and wanted her brand to speak to her ideal client.

Lean On Me Events was birthed out of my dream to take the true authenticity within every love story and make it the inspiration behind a celebration of lasting commitment.
— Lindsay, Lean On Me Events

After filling out our short questionnaire, and a quick phone call to discuss what her vision entailed, and what she was looking for we were on our way to a new brand. We also ask that clients send over a pinterest board or 3-5 images of how they want their brand to look and feel. Lindsay wanted soft yet warm tones, and wanted to incorporate a wax seal and Oak tree image into her brand.


I want my brand to feel professional, elegant, and timeless. I would like the wax seal to feel organic and the Oak Tree to symbolize the marriage of my clients being as strong as an Oak Tree
— Lindsay. Lean on Me Events

After a few revisions, tweaks and edits, here was our final brand board for the Lean On Me brand

Jenny with A Fine Flourish was a breath of fresh air. I’ve been in the process of rebranding for over a YEAR. I went through 3 designers before randomly finding Jenny’s branding service. We had previously worked on many projects together with her talents in calligraphy but I never knew she was such an amazing brand designer and I love that she incorporates her calligraphy into each brand in one way or another creating a truly custom piece. We had one simple phone conversation of what I wanted my brand to say and feel like - Jenny hit the nail on the head within the first draft. I was blown away. From there it was just a matter of fine tuning a few details. I often times felt like I couldn’t articulate what was in my head but Jenny remained patient and gracious throughout the entire process, always encouraging and always enthusiastic. Like I said we have worked together in the past professionally for my clients but I honestly felt like this process brought us closer and I was walking this journey with a trusted friend. Jenny, I can’t thank you enough - finally having a brand that genuinely represents how much we care for our clients is everything! Fun fact for all you number gurus: 24 hours after launching I had 9 new inquiries in my inbox and 90% of them booked creating over $12k in revenue for our team. I’d say Jenny’s services more than paid for themselves! You’re the best Jenny!!”
— Lindsay, Lean On Me Events

Let us know what you think about Linday's new brand in the comments below! We'd love to hear your feedback!

While you're at it.. take a visit to Lean On Me Events' new website HERE and visit her on social media @leanonme_events